A New Freedom to Enjoy Things

A New Freedom to Enjoy Things

It had to happen — with more people and decreasing space on this planet, we could not all go on owning individual things like boats or even cars. On the other hand, humanity has entered a new age with respect to our concepts of owning versus using. In the past consumerism dictated that we own, but now people are dictating that they want to use things more, to experience more — which does not necessarily mean ownership.


Being a New Consumer

Nowadays, we all have the choice within a large variety of services and products to buy or rent. Perhaps things like VHS video rental chains, rent-a-van services, and vacation time-sharing were all precursors, preparing the way for a different understanding of use value distinguished from investment value, equity.

The truth is, not every experience we wish to have (and its accompanying things or equipment) is something we wish to invest in, after all. Greater numbers of people will think to have more (and previously unexpected) experiences when liberated from the responsibilities of owning and maintaining the related possessions!


Virtual Destinations

Most of us have become quite used to the idea of having a virtual life (using 3G and 4G to access the Web, social networks, SMS, and so forth). This is a kind of creative, global world that is parallel to our everyday, local life. And, the new wave of consumerism (no longer attached to buying rather than using) has extended to enjoying places or types of entertainment, as well.


A good example of this is casino entertainment. (Incidentally, the same people who like spending time on big boats can also enjoy playing cards, slots, keno or roulette on a boat.) Casinos around the world have gone online, to offer their games as online and mobile experiences that do not require going to the noisy places one used to have to visit in order to just play cards.


We live in a time when anybody can experience the thrills of boating and gambling together — without buying a yacht, a cruise ship ticket, or, even visiting a land-based casino. We will all eventually let go of the first impulse to buy something, such as the equipment for proper casino-like gaming at home or while on vacation.


The bottom line? You could play at new online casinos in 2015 while renting a family sized boat — this is within budget, within reach, of many who had never thought to do it. We are of  thrilled to be an innovator in this new age of consumerism.