Debbie Frame

I want to recommend Freedom Boat Club in Jacksonville. My partner and I researched owning a boat vs. a boat club for over a year and then researched, in depth, all the boat club options in Jacksonville. We chose Freedom Boat Club in Jacksonville hands down, and here is why:

  1. Lisa has been so patient, thorough and timely in answering all our questions- not only as new members but all the questions we had before we signed up.
  2. We never once felt pressured to join.
  3. We have had as much 1:1 training on the water and in the classroom as we want– and we have used it a lot
  4. The boats are new, beautiful and very well maintained
  5. The dock masters are very helpful and especially for newbies to boating very supportive as we try (and) retry to perfect our docking.
  6. This is the only way to do a very expensive sport for not a whole lot of money.
  7. Total emphasis on safe boating and guiding us to be safe

So, in short, if you want to be safe, have fun, be around great people on really beautiful new/well maintained boats and get all the free training you want, then Freedom Boat Club in Jacksonville is the way to go. Ask for Lisa– she is open, honest and will answer all your questions. You cannot go wrong. We think it is the single best investment we have made in a long time.

Debbie Frame, MCC
The Leadership Essentials Group