Features to consider when choosing a boat

As you know, the Freedom Boat Club offers you access to various different kinds of boat to use on rivers, lakes and in the ocean. But whether you’re totally new to boating, or you’ve got plenty of experience in the sport, it can sometimes be difficult to know the difference between different varieties of boat. So how do you choose the perfect boat for your needs? We’ve got years of experience with different types of boats so we’ve got all the knowledge you need to help you to choose the right boat for your needs – including features such as size, purpose and experience level. In this article, we will talk you through the different factors to consider when deciding which type of boat you want to use or hire with us.

For a start, you should start by looking into what the primary purpose of your boat trip is – whether it’s for work or play, you need to think about what your new boat will actually be used for, and where. For example, if your main plans for your boat are to take place in fresh water, then there’s no point in have a centre console. Plus, if your boat trip takes place close to the Gulf Stream, then you don’t want to go for a flat boat. On a similar note, if you’re hoping to use your boat for fishing, then you should ensure that your boat is fishing friendly, such as a Bay Boat.

Another important factor to consider is the size of your crew, as this should lead you to think about how much weight the boat can hold, the capacity of people who can fit onto the boat and seating options. If you’re going to be taken a large amount of people on the boat, then the size you go for should reflect this. Even if sometimes you’re going on solo trips, a bigger boat will allow you extra storage.

You should also be taking into account your experience level with the boat. This is something which you have to be honest with yourself about – no matter how fun sailing is, if you don’t have the knowledge and experience to captain a sail boat, then don’t. You have to make sure that you have enough knowledge, not just of the basics of sailing, but also of weather, of tidal patterns and of how to stay safe in offshore waters. If you’re not sure you are ready for that kind of responsibility, then perhaps sign yourself up to a couple of operation and safety courses to help you to learn the required skills – that small investment could save your life.

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