Sebastian Inlet

(Micco, FL)


Ways to Boat Safely!


Our members can be confident in knowing boat safety is the number one priority to us!! Be smart out there on the water!


1. Local knowledge required of the Inlet channel. Inlet conditions can change

rapidly. Follow the marked channel and even then be alert for shoaling.


2. Be especially alert for small boats anchored in or near the channel. While illegal,

many sports fishermen from outside the area are not aware of local rules and

regulations. Operate your boat in a defensive manner.


3. Be aware that because the Sebastian Inlet is both narrow and shallow, currents are

extremely strong and forceful. Ask your boat dock captain, Coast Guard

Auxiliary vessel, Marine Patrol or other experienced personnel the safest times to

enter and exit the inlet. Respect boater advisories issued by the Coast Guard.


4. Many boaters in small craft exit the channel only to experience difficulty trying to

reenter the Sebastian Inlet against an outgoing tide. Each year, several dozen small

craft are swamped and lost because of the treacherous nature of the inlet.


5. Typically the most hazardous boating conditions for entering or exiting the inlet at

the ocean is during an outgoing tide with easterly winds (>15 mph). Waves stand

straight up at the mouth of the inlet.


6. Pleasure boaters should also be aware that many commercial fishing vessels use

the Sebastian Inlet regularly. For commercial fishermen, time is money and a

commercial fisherman may or may not slow down at all times.


7. Be careful and watch for jet skiers. Many jet skiers are young and seeking thrills.

Jet skiers attempting to cross the wake of a boat may not be particularly alert to

traffic coming in the other direction.


8. Unfortunately, over the years many boaters have experienced incidents of either

boats or persons being struck by errant lines from land based fishermen – most

often from the north jetty. As you “hug” the north jetty of the inlet, be alert to the

activities of land based fishermen.


9. The tides can often be at or above three or four knots, even on the west or landward

side of the A1A bridge at the inlet. Many boaters are simply unaware of and

unprepared for these conditions and there are dozens and dozens of stories about

small boats being pulled out to sea even from the inlet.


10. A heavy rain or high winds can create shoaling overnight. While the Sebastian

Inlet District makes every attempt to keep the channel safe at all times, proceed in

the marked channel cautiously.


Happy Boating!

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Jane Osborne
(772) 212-1059

8685 US Highway 1
Micco, FL 32976

(321) 446-2050

Christine McGreal (Reservations)
(772) 494-8321


Sebastian Inlet Marina

Located on the west side of the Indian River Lagoon in southern Brevard County, the Sebastian Inlet Marina is ideally situated for all types of boating experiences.
Whether you are an offshore fisherman making a quick run to the Atlantic via the newly dredged Sebastian Inlet; a nature enthusiast navigating the scenic San Sebastian River; or a family headed for a spoil island on the river for picnicking or recreational water sports, the Sebastian Inlet Marina is the ideal starting point for your adventure.
The facility design offers the safety, security and comfort of a state-of-the-art modern marina developed by boaters, for boaters. The wetslips feature floating concrete docks up to 43 foot long. 
After a day on the water kick your flip flops off and have a drink and something to eat  while looking at the beautiful Indian River at The Chubby Mullet restaurant right there at the marina.  


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