Lake of the Ozarks

(Osage Beach, MO)

Boats handle Lake traffic

We love the Freedom Boat Club and Lake of the Ozarks and especially enjoy the Summer Lovin' deck boat.  It handles all the traffic at the Lake and is easy to dock at all our favorite restaurants.  When we came back to the Lake this May after a 15 year absence we looked for a way to get out on the lake and Freedom Boat Club gave us that opportunity without the expense of owning our own boat.  Boats are always ready for us and Gery, Rusty and Jim are the best. 

Jim & Cheryl Fanning
Osage Beach, MO

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FBC wins hands down vs. renting or owning

I am a new member to the Lake of the Ozarks’ Freedom Boat Club and I can tell that I made a great choice by joining!  I took the required classroom and on-water training and I wish I had taken something like this years ago.  I have boated in the past, but it was many years ago. I picked up several techniques in the training that have made boating much easier and safer. 

The selection of boats is perfect for this lake: large enough to handle the big-boats wake and plenty of room for family members but not too large to be comfortable maneuvering. The reservation system in place works like a charm and I have been able to reserve a boat for all the days I’ve wanted. Gery and the staff have been great in their training, assistance and ensuring that I have a great time on the water. 

I own property on the lake  but currently live overseas.  I can only be here a short time each year so Freedom Boat Club was the answer to my boating needs.  No need to purchase, insure, store, maintain a boat that I would only use 7 weeks a year!  And being a CPA, I did the math on renting versus paying the membership fee and dues.  Freedom Boat Club won hands down.  For instance, one year before the Club was here I rented a boat for two weeks straight. Many days it sat in the dock due to rain or other planned activities but I was still paying for it.  That two weeks cost more than several years’ Club dues! The various membership plans is also a bonus.  I chose the Monday-Friday plan as I am on vacation so that every day is a weekend to me so I didn’t need the full 7-day plan.  In short, I highly recommend Freedom Boat Club.  The convenience, boat selection, staff, and value can’t be beat.

Rick Ritchie
Denton, TX and Saudi Arabia


Great boat availability, staff is great

My lady and I joined Freedom boats early in the season and it has worked out very well for us. So far we have always had the boat available that we wanted to reserve. The staff is great with the boat always clean and neat and ready for us to jump in and someone is always there to guide us into the slip and secure the boat. I don't believe I ever see a need for us to own a boat.

Joe Pashman
Sunrise Beach, MO

Great boating experience without all the hassles

The staff at FBC are the biggest surprise.   They’re genuinely friendly and simply interested in providing me with a great boating experience without all the hassles.  I even put a deep scratch into the side of one of their brand new boats due to an unpredictable circumstance backing the boat from my dock and they didn’t hesitate to take the best care of me that they could.   I was happy to pay the deeply discounted repair cost they offered instead of estimates offered by boat repair places that were 3-5 times as much.

Scott Ehredt
Des Moines, IA

Less hassle, lower costs

   My wife and I had been discussing for some time whether we should buy a boat or not now that we live at the Lake of the Ozarks on a year round basis. Having owned smaller boats in the past we were reluctant to commit to the considerable investment in acquiring a boat, slip, etc. that would be suitable for the Lake.

    I had mentioned to my wife that maybe there was a boat club of some sort that would allow us to share the costs of owning and maintaining a boat or boats rather than buying one on our own. While watching tennis on ESPN an ad for Freedom Boat Club appeared. We immediately contacted them and joined in early July.

    We are very pleased with the opportunity that the use of four different boats gives us to enjoy the lake with family and friends. Also we believe the Freedom Boat Club arrangement frees us from all chores and expenses of owning a boat. The initial investment is reasonable and the monthly dues are less than what we would spend for taxes, insurance, maintenance and slip rental. Our experience so far has been outstanding and we highly recommend the Freedom Boat Club, Lake of the Ozarks.

Ralph and Anna Caruso
Lake Ozark, MO

Many positive things to say about FBC

Just as I was feeling discouraged about the headaches involved in boat ownership, a friend told me about Freedom Boat Club.  It sounded too good to be true, but I decided to give them a call to find out for myself. The boats at Freedom Boat Club turned out to be just what we were looking for, and far nicer than we would have been able to buy! The fleet consists of all 2014 boats, and Rusty keeps them looking showroom floor new. After going out for a complimentary cruise, and discussing it with the family, we decided to join. 

Granted I've only been a member for a short while, but I have so many positive things to say about Freedom Boat Club that it's hard to find a place to start... but here are a few highlights:

  • Excellent fleet selection 
  • Smart reservation system that ensures boat availability to all members 
  • First rate training creating confident captains 
  • Spur of the moment boat availability 
  • Affordability  
  • Hassle free boating experience 

I really could go on an on but rather than spend hours on this letter and more hours paying boat related bills I think I'll give Gery a call and take the family out for a cruise! It really is that easy. Thank you so very much Gery, Rusty, and Jim for providing such an awesome boating experience and making Freedom Boat Club feel like an extension of our home! 

As a small business owner I put in a tremendous amount of hours and am often out of town. When I do have a few hours to spare I want to spend it with my family. I also want to build memories with the kids and make the most or our summers, so I looked to boating as a fun, family activity that would meet these goals. 

Years ago, I had some limited experience boating and remembered how much money and work the hobby required. Not only are boats expensive to purchase but they also require continual upkeep, cleaning, and repairs. When I started to factor in other expenses, including sales tax,  insurance, slip fees, and depreciation, I quickly realized that not only was this going to cost a small fortune, I would be sacrificing time with my family for time spent working on the boat and paying boat related bills.

James Yeager
Co-owner Aqueous Vapor & a happy Freedom Boat Club member
Columbia, MO
(573) 268-0035

P.S. If any perspective members have any questions about the club or would like to talk to an existing member feel free to give them my contact info.

Never had a challenge with boat availability

My name is Mike Austerschmidt, and I have been a regular member of the Lake Ozark Freedom Boat Club since May, 2014.  I just love the Club and everything about it.  The boats are maintained in excellent condition, the staff is always there and ready to help with any questions or just to help you load up before a trip.  The reservation, check in & check out process is extremely efficient as well.  If there is ever a question on how to operate one of the boats they will gladly go out with you and show you the boat to your level of comfort.  Over the course of the summer I have made as much use as possible and never had a challenge with finding a boat available when I wanted one.  I very much look forward to continuing my membership.

Mike Austerschmidt
Osage Beach, MO
FBC Member

One of the best decisions I ever made!

Becoming a Freedom Boat Club Member was one of the best decisions I ever made!

From the people, to the boats, to the lake, to the hassle freedom at Freedom Boat Club, everything is great.  They are fabulous people to work with and treated us like royalty, even though we are just common folk.  The boats were always neat as a pin, and ready to use.  The reservation system works flawlessly.  And the best part is having a fun day on the lake and then leaving the boat for them to clean, service, maintain, dock and insure.  After a year of membership under our belt we are extremely happy.  Also we found the hospitality and great people at the FBC Ft Loudin Club in Tennessee.  Being a member meant we could have a boat there for a couple of days on the lake with our Tennessee grandkids.

We recommend Freedom Boat Club membership at Lake of the Ozarks with utmost confidence.  Come join us in the fun.

Martin and Brenda Bunton
Lamar, MO


Outstanding, enjoy freedom of not owning a boat

We have been extremely delighted in our membership and the service experience with Gery and Rusty has been nothing short of outstanding. They have worked to meet our requests and do so every time with such a positive approach. We have also enjoyed the availability of some of the "toys" (water saddles, chill rafts) we can take out with the boat.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the "freedom" of not owning a boat and instead being a member. I can say we don't hesitate to tell others about the Freedom Boat Club because we are believers that this is the perfect option for us, and I am sure many others who are condo owners and occasional visitors at the lake. Also, I must say we consider Gery and Rusty our "friends" at the lake as they have gone above and beyond to make our membership easy and fun!

Mark & Susie Ketterer
Peoria, IL

Professional and friendly staff

My husband and I have been on the fence about buying a boat for the past couple of years. We
were at the lake a few weeks ago and my husband and I actually had plans to go look at boats
the following day when my husband says, “there has to be a boat club or yacht club in this area
where we could pay a fee and have access to a fleet of boats but not have all the expenses
involved with maintaining a boat, we don’t have to clean the boat etc.”. Well that is exactly what
we found with Freedom Boat Club. There are so many things we love about being a part of
Freedom Boat Club.

• Professional & friendly staff
• Required boating instruction
• Unlimited boating instruction
• Boat Availability
• Different sizes and types of boats
• Boats are cleaned & disinfected after every use
• Life jackets provided
• Chill mats provided
• Lake saddles provided
• Convenient location
• Multiple locations in the US

Joining Freedom Boat Club this summer has definitely enhanced our lake experience and given
us the opportunity of boating without all the responsibilities of “owning” a boat!!

Stuart & Jami Woodbury
Gladstone, MO

The most cost controlled way to have access to boats

Boating is an expense and being a financial advisor I crunch numbers on everything. This is the most cost controlled way to have access to boats all over the United States that I have ever seen.

Bill Lacasse
Osage Beach, MO

Absolutely incredible! Boats are immaculate....

 My wife and I joined last year. Absolutely incredible! Boats are immaculate and you have different sizes and styles to choose from. This is sooooooo much better than owning and having to store, insure, and maintain my own boat, for a fraction of the cost. I could not recommend them more. Jim and Mary are good folks, and always treat us like family.

 Tony Bonney

 Eldon, MO.


(573) 302-0392
873 Crow Ln, Ste B5
Osage Beach, MO 65065

Chef Mary Kreuser - Membership Executive
(702) 449-5241

Captain Jim Koch - Owner
(573) 286-9860


Bridgeview Marina

Freedom Boat Club is located at Bridgeview Marina, just southeast of the Grand Glaize Bridge.  Take Passover Road south to Wilson Drive, turn right and head west.  Turn right at Hawk Lane and drive down the steep curvy road to the marina.



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