(Sanford, FL)

Port of Sanford, Florida Marina

The Boat Tree Marina is a one-of–a-kind boating experience located at the Port of Sanford directly on the beautiful St. Johns River at I-4 Exit #104. 

With a Ship Store (to supply all your needs right down to bait), Deli, Restaurant, Outdoor bar and pool, you have everything you need to make for a great day on the water!


St Johns River

The St, Johns River is the longest river in Florida flowing north for 310 miles from the marshlands west of Vero Beach to Jacksonville. It is divided into upper, middle and lower sections. The St Johns drainage basin is 8,840 sq. miles. It is fed by 3 rivers. Econlocklatchee, Wekiva (meaning”flowing waters” in Seminole language), Ocklawaha. It flows thru Lake George,  the 2nd largest lake in FL at 72 sq. miles. Blue Springs is its largest springs discharging 102,000,000 gallons/day.

Early inhabitants were paleo indians, Timucua, Mocama, Seminoles, French, Spanish, slaves & freemen. A totem of an owl was found preserved in the mud at Hontoon Island. It is the only totem found outside of the Pacific Northwest.

St. Johns is a blackwater river due to harmless tannins created by leaves & roots from Oak, Chestnut, Mangrove etc.

Lake Jesup recorded 12,925 gators or 421 per mile of shoreline. Gator food sources are mudfish, gars, shad & turtles.  

Animals:Rhesus monkey, frogs, salamanders, turtles, alligators, black bears, deer, bobcat, raccoon, opossum, otter, muskrat, nutria, manatee…Wekiva Ocala Greenway is 440,000 acres & home to largest number of Florida Black Bears.

Birds: ibis, wood stork, purple gallinule, yellow crowned night heron, purple gallinule, red shoulder hawk, anhinga, black & turkey vulture, FL scub jay, sandhill crane, eagle, osprey, limpkin, barred owl, little blue heron, cormorant. 60,000 nesting birds have been recorded in the upper St Johns marshlands west of Vero Beach.

American Eel lives in St Johns for 20 years, migrates to Sargasso Sea (near Bermuda), spawns & returns to St Johns.

Insects: St Johns is home to 112 species of dragonfly and 44 species of damselfly

Fishes St Johns is home to 183 species of fish.


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Sam Swanger
(386) 295-3696

4370 Carraway Place
Sanford, FL 32771

Dock Master
(386) 334-4215

Scarlett Bailey-Reservations
(386) 262-1250


Boat Tree Marina

I-4, Exit 104

4370 Carraway Place

Sanford, FL  32771


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