Greater Cincinnati

(Dayton, KY)

Boat Club in Cincinnati, OH

Welcome to Freedom Boat Club of Greater Cincinnati!

The World's Oldest and Largest Boat Club has come to Cincinnati.  Our local fleet is docked at The Marina at Manhattan Harbour. Located in Dayton, KY, the marina is just two miles from downtown Cincinnati. There is so much to do on the river and we think our members will love the local amenities.

We are closed now for the season, but that doesn't mean it's not the best time to join Freedom Boat Club. Call Gunnar now to hear about our end of season special. And with our reciprocal feature, you can pick one of our locations in your favorite warm weather spot, make reservations and make boating part of your winter plans!

We would love to meet you. If you are looking to meet us here are a few chances to see us 

  • Cincinnati Travel Boat and RV show Jan 17-29th and Jan 22-26th

  • Cincinnati Home and Garden Show Feb 22, 23, & 27- Mar 1st 
  • Come to the The Marina at Manhattan Harbour by appointment- Call Gunnar 

If you would like any information about our specific location or the club in general, please contact Gunnar Graves at 513-460-5246 or by email at

Thanks for visiting and please keep checking back to this webpage as we continue to make updates!

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Gunnar Graves
(513) 460-5246

1301 4th Ave
Dayton, KY 41074


The Marina at Manhattan Harbour

1401 4th Ave

Dayton, KY 41074


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