Roger Hill Jr.

Dear Freedom Boat Club,

I think it is absolutely fantastic the way Freedom Boat Club volunteers their boats for charities like the Freedom Waters Foundation.

My son and I volunteered our time with Dustin Tidwell this past Sunday and it was wonderful to help these young girls experience catching fish, being on the water and just getting out of their “world” for a little bit. I could see in their faces and pictures are evident, that this was a huge event for all that participated. To me, the water is a place that brings a sense of calm and peace; and for these girls not only for the day but hopefully they acquired a life time of memories. Teaching these girls to fish and to respect the sea and its inhabitants was a moving experience for me and I look forward to volunteering my time for outings in the future.

Thank you very much for allowing us to use your boats and bring smiles to these girls faces. As I said, and I can’t overstate the personal satisfaction I got by sharing my knowledge with them on the water.
You boats made it all possible and I wanted to thank you again.

~ Roger Hill Jr. / Broker Associate