Scott Fletcher

I just wanted to pass along some praises for the folks that took great care of me down in Punta Gorda.  While I had been looking to join FBC for a number of years now I finally got off the dime and signed up.  I do own both motor and sail boats up north but getting them down to Florida just doesn’t work any longer.   I am an avid sailor and just hated having to wait to get back up north to day sail or race.  The new 22′ Catalina Sports definitely were deal makers in getting me to sign up.  I am looking forward to sailing in all the waters wherever you have them located, the more ports the better.

Vince (Biasella) was a huge help, showing me about, answering my numerous questions and getting me signed up for the orientation. He always kept me in the loop on pricing changes etc.  He knew I was a sailor and kept me abreast on the status of the new boats coming in.  Captain Bill is fantastic and did a fabulous job providing me the in and outs on use of FBC equipment and navigating the local waters.  He is certainly is a “subject matter expert” (SME) who not only looks out for FBC interests but makes sure the members know what they need to know to be safe boaters.  Out on the docks Mike and Steve did a great job making sure the crafts were in ship shape condition and answered some more of my questions.

If you couldn’t tell, I am thrilled to be a member of the FBC family and truly looking forward to many years of fantastic boating in the Florida waters.

Thanks for your time,
Scott R. Fletcher

p.s.  please put stars on the foreheads of the folks that worked with me down in Punta Gorda, they were all just super to meet and work with.