Sox Youngblood

My Initial concern with joining Freedom Boat Club was that I would not like the condition of the boats (not being kept up). I couldn’t be more wrong. Maintenance has never been an issue while boating with the club. I have never had a boat break down. I was also scared that I would not be able to get a boat when I wanted one. The guys on the docks have always been able to get me a boat, even when no reservation was made.

I have always enjoyed using the boats. It’s been a great summer with many great day trips.

I was really surprised that I am able to take my dog (a member of my family) on any of the boats.. He has been boating with me since he was 8-weeks-old and is now a regular on the boats. Alex at the Englewood club knows to take his hat off when he sees my dog coming. For some reason, he barks at Alex when he is wearing a hat. lol…

Best feature of the club is the Freedom… I work full time and don’t have time to deal with trailering and maintenance of owning a boat.

If contacted (by a prospective member) I would explain the benefits of membership, the ease of usage and the convenience of walking away after a day or boating and not having to worry about cleaning, trailing, maintenance.


~ Sox Youngblood
Punta Gorda, FL