Susan and Mike Kehoe

Seriously, how often do you get more than what you pay for?
My husband and I are 12-month Freedom Boat Club members from Ft Myers. We joined almost two years ago and are so happy with two benefits that have been added since we joined. We feel compelled to write and thank you for adding them.

We really appreciate the addition of the gas flow gauges (hourly counters.)  We often fish the same spot a few miles away from the marina.  What normally would cost us just a few dollars in gas sometimes cost us much more because the tank had not been fully filled by the prior boater. Not only do we find the current method to be much fairer and more consistent, it is also such a benefit not to have to stop for gas on the way back to the marina. Now that is freedom.

And as year round residents, we love being able to take a boat out in the late afternoon/early evening.  We have taken advantage of this benefit a few times this summer.  It is pure bliss to be on the water once the afternoon rains have passed and the temperatures have cooled a bit.  Watching the sun start to set as you are heading back in is an added bonus.  
Thank you very much for these new benefits.
Your very satisfied members,
Susan and Mike Kehoe