Tracy Snell

A lot of companies sent me a note on my Birthday yesterday. No big deal. When Freedom called to confirm my reservation I got a very nice verbal Happy Birthday. Nice touch. Then today I show up and Walter comes out to my truck. As we’re loading up our stuff into a cart he mentions how dirty it is. Not just dirty. Muddy to comical proportions. Not just standard mud, Georgia clay that’s become rock hard. Stuff to make any redneck set down his beer stand up out of his lawn chair and salute when I drive by. He again says happy birthday and asks about my plans. I told him fishing today and cleaning the truck tomorrow now that hunting season is over.

So we spend the day fishing, get back and settle up. Head out to the truck and my son and I were both shocked to see a shiny truck sitting where we left my truck. I sent him back to give Walter an additional tip which he promptly refused and declared I shouldn’t have to clean my truck on my birthday. I got a lot of presents for my birthday but this one ranks as the best this year coming as a complete surprise from someone I barely know.

If you’re wondering where that big pile of mud came from in your parking lot. Blame Walter. God bless him.

~ Regards, Tracy Snell