Sherwood and Sue Wheeler

Vince Biasella is the outstanding salesman who convinced us to become members of the Freedom Boat Club!

We met Vince on February 12, 2015 in the Punta Gorda Office when we stopped by to get some information, thinking that we might be interested in joining sometime in the future. He listened to our questions, desires and concerns about becoming boaters again. Although he was assertive and highly motivated as he listed all the advantages of the boat club, he gave us lots of time and was patient as we considered it. He provided us with oral and written information about the club, along with his phone number and said that we could call him anytime. We felt that he was interested in us, not just making another sale. He suggested that we think about membership over lunch and then return to him. We did just that. Because of Vince’s outgoing manner, enthusiasm, and way of representing the club, we decided to sign a contract before we left there that day.

Now we are happy boaters who tell all of our friends about “our boat club” and suggest that if they are interested, they contact Vince Biasella, knowing that he will treat them with respect as he did us. Because of this, we are pleased to write this personal recommendation for him.

Good salesmen are essential to the boat club, and Vince is a strong and successful one. He is a definite asset to your business.

Sherwood and Sue Wheeler