As Versatile as a Sail in the Ocean

German Keyboard Cover silicon cover

For smooth sailing with all your German language computing needs look no further than EasySession at: Compatible with all Apple keyboards, including iMac Wireless, this light weight but strong and flexible keyboard cover transfers your English-language keys into German including all diatrics such as umlauts over vowels. The cover is hand washable  and very user friendly -so much so that within moments you will have a German language keyboard. german language cover

The keyboard cover is designed in such a way that the silicon with which it is made will actually protect the keyboard and as such will lengthen the life of the computer. Contrary to belief, this keyboard cover will not affect the typing speed.​ Unlike virtual keyboards, which can be rather clumsy to use, this handy cover will not affect your performance at all.

Just as a Boat Club is designed to offer versatile access to boats on a regular basis and at an affordable price, so too is the EasySession German language keyboard cover. One of the most versatile of Boat Clubs is the chain of " Freedom Boat Clubs" with branches all boat clubover the US and Canada. With unlimited access to the boats of each club – they are used on a rental basis and no service or storage fees are incurred. Moreover, this versatility and flexibility extends to all the clubs in the chain, allowing members to have the freedom to sail all over the country at their leisure. Making the whole process even easier, all reservations are made through a proprietary online system.


EasySession is your online solution for computer related products. It has a wide range of cases, covers, etc as well as a selection of interesting and original accessories. Most languages are catered for with EasySession's language keyboard covers. The Ableton t-shirts can be a great purchase for use while sailing across the seas during the summer months, and when the weather cools down EasySession has a range of cosy sweatshirts. A number of different covers will also protect your keyboard while you're out sailing and want to film your journey.

Easysession's system is extremely flexible in that all orders are taken online and assistance can be given in real time by an online chat function. Orders within the states take around two to three weeks to arrive, and international between three and five weeks. If upon receipt of the item you decide that it is unsuitable, you have some 15 days in which to return it – although you are responsible for shipping costs. EasySession accepts all major credit cards, and payment is taken through PayPal. An added bonus for the at sea customer is the online tracking service, provided by EasySession. By providing your details and order number you will be able to track the progress of your order -from any location on land or at sea! at sea