Freedom Boat Club Is Proud To Offer Equal Opportunity Lifetime Experiences


Freedom Boat Club (FBC) delivers an exclusive boating experience like no other. FBC owns and maintains a fleet of 2,200+ boats at 180+ locations nationwide, creating memories for over 22,000 members. FBC is, exactly as it sounds, Freedom to boat without the hassles or expense of trailering, docking or maintaining a boat, leaving its members to have all the fun spending 100% of their time on the water.

FBC is proud to offer equal opportunity lifetime experiences. In 2017, Freedom Boat Club started its national Freedom Boating Divas program designed to empower women boaters. With every membership, FBC offers unlimited training to ensure the knowledge and safety of its members. As a result of our Diva program, more independent women are joining FBC without hesitation.

Meet Linda Johnson, an FBC Diva. Linda joined Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair in the summer of 2018. Linda is a pediatric nurse who specializes in caring for special needs children. Linda has cared for a special young man named Nicky, since he was 18 months old. Nicky, who will be turning 26 this year, has significant physical and neurological challenges. Tragically, Nicky’s adoptive parents passed away a few years ago. Instead of placing Nicky in a long term care facility, Linda willingly moved Nicky into her home to personally care for him.

Nicky and friend Gayle

Linda always seeks experiences she can share with Nicky. As fate would have it, last summer she found FBC. As much as Linda wanted to get Nicky on the water, she faced a few challenges:

Linda didn’t think she could afford a boat.
FBC is typically 1/6 to 1/8th the cost of boat ownership

Linda doesn’t have the time or ability to take care of a boat.

Linda was concerned about Nicky managing the dock and boarding the boat.
FBC dock staff is always present and ready to help.

Linda hasn’t been on a boat in 20 years.
FBC’s training program gave Linda full confidence at the helm.

Upon joining FBC, Nicky immediately found his favorite boat, the Red Tri-toon, and Linda and Nicky’s lives forever changed. Linda and Nicky’s experience, like most all FBC members, has been nothing but wonderful!

FBC is proud to offer equal opportunity lifetime experiences

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