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boat club Looking for a good boat club? Join Freedom Boat Club where you can truly enjoy boating, whether as a hobby or a more serious part of your lifestyle. We have a simple alternative for you to own a boat. Visit our website or one of our locations for more details.

Joining a boat club is a dream for sea lovers. Imagine enjoying all the perks of having a boat minus the responsibilities. Interested? Here are some of the many benefits of joining a boating club:
Lower entry price – If you cannot afford to buy a boat or simply aren’t ready for such a large purchase, join a club instead. All you have to pay is the initial membership fee.
No maintenance costs - Sure, you will have to pay your monthly club dues, but it is nothing compared to owning a boat and having to pay for maintenance fees, changing the oil, painting the bottom, inspecting the plugs, waxing the hull, etc. The club will take care of all those.
Access to many boats - When you buy your own boat, that’ll be it. Just one boat. But when you are part of a boating club, you can choose from a wide number of boats that can suit your needs.
Of course, you have to choose a good boat club to truly enjoy these and many other benefits. Ready to try? Join the Freedom Boat Club. Not only do we have an excellent fleet—we are also present in many locations across the US. For safety, we provide on-the-water training no matter what type of membership you apply for. If you have any questions for Freedom Boat Club, kindly fill up our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.
Freedom Boat Club
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Boat Share

For easy and hassle-free Boat Share, join the Freedom Boat Club. We have a fleet of boats waiting for you in one of our more than 75 franchises in the United States. Find out how to become a member by visiting our website or one of our locations nearest you today.  

Private Membership Boating Club

Freedom Boat Club is a large private membership boating club catering to people who want to enjoy all the perks of boating without the stress of owning and maintaining a vessel. Do you want regular access to a boat during your holidays or business trips? Become a year-round member. Visit our website to see our club locations all over the USA, or call 888-781-7363 to know more.

Members Only Boating Club

If you want guaranteed access to high-quality boats all year round, then you should join a members only boating club. Sign up for membership at Freedom Boat Club to enjoy exclusive access to professionally-maintained boats whenever you please.  As an added bonus, we provide boat training for all new members. You will be trained one on one by a Coast Guard-licensed instructor.   

Freedom Boat Club Naples

Join Freedom Boat Club and sail off from Naples Florida anytime you wish. Your membership gives you regular access to a top-quality fleet of boats, at a reasonable cost of entry. Freedom Boat Club has a one-time entry fee and predictable locked-in monthly fees. Now you can enjoy boating without the stress of maintaining, storing, and owning a boat. Call us at 888-781-7363 to know more about our membership options.

Boating Clubs

Freedom Boat Club is not like those typical boating clubs where you need to own a boat to become a member. Our service lets you use one of our many boats ranging from fishing boats to flat boats, pontoons, bowriders, large cruisers, and deckboats. Visit our website for more details.

Boat Clubs

Not all boat clubs are the same as ours. Freedom Boat Club makes boating a fun, exciting, or relaxing escape. Let us change the way you perceive and experience boating. Connect with friends and your family starting from one of our docks in Florida and the rest of the US.

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