John Laybourn

My wife and I have been members for 6 seasons and are very happy with the outstanding treatment of the members. They consistently work at exceeding your expectations.

Every time we take a boat out from our home base of Sarasota FL or do a reciprocal reservation at the Lake St. Clair MI location, they do their best to get you on the boat you want to be on. The reciprocal reservation process has worked very well for us. All of the locations we have experienced are very helpful in getting your group and items on the boat and discussing anything you need to know about the boat or waters you’re about to travel on.

It’s comforting knowing you’re on a newer well maintained boat. We have not experienced any boating troubles over the 6 years as compared to friends that own boats and have missed boating seasons because they own the maintenance issues.

We have all the fun and none of the worries!

~ John Laybourn
Sarasota, FL