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I love seeing members who we have trained get more proficient and confident with their boating on Lake Michigan.

When it comes to docking, here are a few tips that I would like to share with everyone.

  • For starters, make sure that you have fenders and lines on the correct side of the boat before you dock.
  • Always call the dock manager before you enter the harbor so we are prepared to assist you in docking.
  • Take it slow coming in to the dock and listen to the dock manager. We want the boat to be stopped by the time you reach the dock.
  • Put the boat in neutral well in advance of the docking to slow it down.

My biggest tip, is don’t over complicate docking. At Freedom Boat Club, we are here to assist you and make the experience easy for you. If you want extra help docking, please come in early for your reservation I would be more than happy to help you sharpen docking skills at Montrose Harbor.

In closing, let us know how we are doing at Freedom Boat Club Chicago. We love when we hear feedback from you. Our job as your boat club is to improve your boating experience.

Remember to like our Facebook page. We would love to share some of your favorite fishing and boating pictures.

Have a terrific week, and remember that when you ever have any boating questions, please feel free to ask away… 

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Montrose Dock - X2
(847) 561-7777

601 W. Montrose Drive
L Dock
Chicago, IL 60613

Eric Schweigert
(708) 669-6998


Montrose Harbor

601 W. Montrose Drive
L Dock
Chicago, IL 60613


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