To Rent of Buy a Boat?

Now that summer is here, it may be tempting to plunk down money on a boat, even in Chicago. But does it really make sense?

I guess it all depends on how—and how much—you plan to use it cruising Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Let’s face it, in almost all cases, you will be better off finding an alternative to boat ownership in Chicago.

As Jeff Rose, certified financial planner and author of "Soldier of Finance," recommends; you shouild run the numbers before making a commitment.

Still not convinced? Figure it out. How much are you actually paying per use of owning a boat? Does it really work out in your favor? In Chicago? If not, and you know that’s the answer, right? A membership in Freedom Boat Club Chicago makes better financial sense. It also makes better blood pressure sense, but we won’t get into that right now. In short, less anxiety is proven to reduce blood pressure and take the strain off your heart. Duh, right?

The good news? Membership in Freedom Boat Club Chicago is now available—and increasingly popular—for singles, couples, families and business owners. Contact us today and we’ll get you started on improving your finances and your life, just click here.

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