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ultimate Chicago staycationHave you ever dreamed of enjoying summer vacation all summer long? As a member of Freedom Boat Club Chicago you can experience the best of Chicago any day and every day you want. You can even use one of the Freedom Boat Club boats as your lakefront hotel suite and spend the night aboard the boat with your family, friends, or that special someone.

The traditional summer vacation is becoming harder for families in Chicagoland to take, the ultimate Chicago staycation is in. With everything from gas to sweet corn becoming more expensive, more families are opting to stay put for their vacation, yet still enjoy everything boating and Lake Michigan have to offer.

To experience the ultimate Chicago staycation, you have to join Freedom Boat Club Chicago. It’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy; just choose your plan, pay a one-time-initiation fee and then only low monthly dues. No maintenance, boat payments, dock fees, insurance or storage. You just pay for the gas you use. That’s it.

The ultimate Chicago staycation has any number of things that interest you, right? How about taking in a concert at Northerly Island, or the fireworks at Navy Pier? Pull up and enjoy a favorite lakefront restaurant, fishing spot or dine aboard your boat under candlelight?  Chances are there’s something you want to see or do that you just haven’t had the time to, but as a Freedom Boat Club Chicago member, you don’t have to wait until vacation.

Your ultimate Chicago staycation will never look like a group of days like any other; you can plan an outing a day if you’d like and you can have up to 4 reservations in our automated reservation system at any one time. Letting everyone in your group to schedule a day trip or two can give everyone something to really look forward to. Consider visiting Museum Campus, a dive site, the beach or another venue you typically don’t have the time to enjoy while on a traditional vacation.

Being a tourist in your own backyard – with your own Freedom Boat Club boat – can also provide lots of fun.  Remember Chicago is one of the world’s greatest tourist attractions, now you can experience it like those who visit with the added benefit of being able to enjoy it from your boat. Get your camera ready and experience the city through the eyes of a tourist and also take plenty of pictures from the water for the ultimate souvenirs.

You will also want to consider an overnight adventure on a Freedom Boat Club boat as part of your ultimate Chicago staycation. This can be a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family.

Wherever your Chicago staycation brings you aboard your Freedom Boat Club boat, remember as with any vacation, the goal is to set aside time to spend together. The upside with a staycation as a Freedom Boat Club member is you get to save travel time and money in the process.

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