Sebastian Inlet

(Micco, FL)

And the award goes to....Bill and Laurel Cooper!!

  We briefly mentioned this awesome couple in our newsletter this month, here's a little more history on them!   Medway River, Kent, UK--Bill, 83, and Laurel Cooper, 82, have spent the past 36 years sailing round the world; they have travelled four times across the globe, visited 45 countries and survived a...
Knots and Nautical Miles By Brian Hagerty, posted with permission. Knots and Nautical miles are good old navy terms. The nautical mile was based on the circumference of the earth at the equator. Since the earth is 360 degrees of longitude around, and degrees are broken into 60 so-called "minutes", that means there are 360 * 60 = 21,600 "minutes" of longitude...
BOATING SAFETY TIPS Our members can be confident in knowing boat safety is the number one priority to us!! Be smart out there on the water!   1. Local knowledge required of the Inlet channel. Inlet conditions can change rapidly. Follow the marked channel and even then be alert for shoaling.   2. Be especially alert for small boats anchored in or...


Jane Osborne
(407) 443-8898

8685 US Highway 1
Micco, FL 32976

(321) 446-2050

Christine McGreal (Reservations)
(772) 494-8321


Sebastian Inlet Marina

Located on the west side of the Indian River Lagoon in southern Brevard County, the Sebastian Inlet Marina is ideally situated for all types of boating experiences.
Whether you are an offshore fisherman making a quick run to the Atlantic via the newly dredged Sebastian Inlet; a nature enthusiast navigating the scenic San Sebastian River; or a family headed for a spoil island on the river for picnicking or recreational water sports, the Sebastian Inlet Marina is the ideal starting point for your adventure.
The facility design offers the safety, security and comfort of a state-of-the-art modern marina developed by boaters, for boaters. The wetslips feature floating concrete docks up to 43 foot long. 
After a day on the water kick your flip flops off and have a drink and something to eat  while looking at the beautiful Indian River at The Chubby Mullet restaurant right there at the marina.  


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