Welcome to Freedom Boat Club of San Diego. If you are looking to buy a boat to store in San Diego, or you like to rent boats multiple times per year, this is a new alternative without all the hassles that come with owning a boat.

With a membership to our exclusive boat club you don't have to worry about boat maintenance, dock fees, insurance, depreciation, trailers or even clean up. Just gas up and go. You get access to not just one boat but our entire fleet and many more as we expand with new members. We also provide training for the novice boater. Our membership is just a one time membership fee and then monthy dues that cost you way less than just storing your boat would. Call us for more information or visit us at our Ingrahm St. location.

Whether you are a diver, fisherman or just want to enjoy a day on the water, Freedom Boat Club has the boat for you and will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of doing the things you don't want to do. We are here to revolutionize Boating in San Diego!

We are Located on Beautiful Mission Bay which is just minutes from downtown San Diego. Mission Bay Park is a 4,600-acre aquatic playground surrounded by 27 miles of shoreline, with a variety of waterways, inlets and islets to explore. Boaters can enjoy water sports, fishing, or just cruising around. Mission Bay has a designated Skiing area that’s perfect for a tubing or wakeboarding.  Centrally located in Mission Bay is Fiesta Island. There is a 5 MPH zone on the east side of the island that is popular for recreational water sports. There are bonfire rings around the shore of the island and dogs are allowed off leash. There is a permitted water ski area in Hidden Cove and permits for water skiing only are available from the Lifeguards at their headquarters, 2581 Quivera Court.

Our location at Dana Landing Marina offers easy access to the Pacific where boaters can fish, dive, whale watch, or cruise to San Diego Bay to see the Downtown Cityscape. Dana Landing Market & Fuel Dock is truly the one-stop shop for the fishing, boating, and water-sports enthusiast. Ideally located adjacent to the Dana Landing Mission Bay launch  ramp, this marina offers unparalleled convenience and service to the boating public. Fresh deli, food, snacks, and cold drinks will keep coolers stocked, and a complete supply of marine accessories and safety equipment will keep trips from ending before they start.



Mission Bay provides anglers an extremely diverse year-round fishery. The bay is generally shallow, with the max depth in most areas of the bay being only 12 feet with slow sloping sand bottoms. Some areas, including the Mission Bay Channel, Mariner’s Basin and Quivera Basin have a max-depth of 20 feet. The majority of the shoreline is sand, but there are several areas (along the Mission Bay channel for example) that are lined with rocks. There is roughly 27 miles of shoreline along Mission Bay, with 19 miles of that being comprised of sand.

Fishing is permitted in almost all areas of the bay, with the exclusion of specially marked swimming and sailing areas. Shore-fishing  locations are abundant, generally there are parking lots located on every point within the bay.

A valid fishing license with a saltwater stamp is required for anglers.

Fishing for spotted bay bass and halibut is very good in Mission Bay. Anglers can also target Bat Rays and Leopard Sharks which strain both  angler and equipment. Eel grass lines the shoreline in almost all areas of the bay, and provide cover for bass species. Bay Bass can be targeted with both artificial and live bait presentations. Ghost Shrimp make a very good bait for bass and other smaller species of fish. Squid is the go-to bait for larger Bat Rays and Leopard Sharks.

San Diego Bay is a natural harbor and deepwater port located  in San Diego County.  San Diego Bay is considered one of the best natural harbors on the west coast, and spans 34 miles of waterfront. The bay, which is 12 miles long and 1to 3 miles wide, is the third largest of the three large, protected natural bays on California’s entire 840 miles long coastline. In the northern part of the bay, there are two commercial “islands” called harbor Island and Shelter Island.

The Big Bay’s Main Channel, directly underneath the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, is a good spot for catching halibut by boat. Fishermen should look for the bridge pillars, and put up anchor where the main bay channel converges with the Glorietta Bay Channel out of Coronado.

The Shelter Island Pier only extends into the bay about 20 feet past shore, but it is nevertheless a popular and  successful fishing spot. The Pier Fishing website recommends using live anchovies as bait. Among the fish that are commonly caught off the pier: perch, Pacific mackerel, yellowfin croacker (a type of cod),  jacksmelt, opaleye, halibut, turbot and bonito.

Sweetwater Channel is a South Bay spot that is a successful fishing spot for bonito, with barracuda and more bonito sometimes schooling out of the swifter current at the mouth of the bay.

The eastern shore of Coronado Island, just off the Loews Coronado Bay Resort, can yield bonefish. It is suggested to fish from a boat and  making drifts, with ghost shrimp the recommended bait.



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