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We'd like to introduce our New Membership Executive of Fort Pierce Freedom
Boat Club.
Matt grew up in central Florida bass fishing, and soon graduated to all the
saltwater species.  As the years went on he developed a passion for boating
and blue water.  He took up scuba diving, including hunting lobster and
spear fishing and...
Calling all ladies who love to boat! We recently launched our Diva Program which is an association exclusively for the female boaters who belong to Freedom Boat club. This is an optional program with bonus trainings and social aspects for our lady boaters. Our Freedom Divas enjoy a special small group, hands-on training classes taught by our...
How To Take A Wake Alert your passengers Move out away from wake Prepare to slow down Approach wake at 45 degree angle For more information on how to safely cross a wake: http://freedomboatclub.com/crossing-safely-five-important-tips-crossing-wakes-freedom-boat-club-captains/
Hello all, thanks for blogging with me.  We have a wonderful announcement to make.  You may have noticed on our front page that we have the pleasure of joining many many Freedom Boat club locations around the country to help raise funds for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, an amazing orgainization the matches "Bigs" with "Littles" as described here from their...
  Hello from Freedom Boat Club of Ft. Pierce!! What a great adventure this has been so far.  I'm excited to tell you all about what has been happening since our Ribbon Cutting back in October.   We are now at 28 memberships and 37 members!  Wow, did that go quickly!  We have the most amazing members in our club.  We had our Grand Opening on...
So, it's been a while as we have been busy getting the business up and running.  As of today (10/9/2016) we have 3 boats ready for member use and our last, Looney Toons Pontoon, is at the dealer as I type to have it's service to get her ready to go out on the water.  She's going to be another beauty and provide so many hours of fun for families and friends! ...
So, here we are just about at the end of July and getting closer and closer to our opening in September!  We are very excited to tell you that we have officially have our first 2 members signed up and ready to go!  Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of our pre-opening special (845-489-2707).  We continue to work hard at getting everything set for our opening...
Welcome to Freedom Boat Club of Ft. Pierce.  Beginning in September of this year we will be open for business at the beautiful Ft. Pierce City Marina.  We'd like to invite you to come by and take a look at the boats, talk with us about the club and enjoy a day at the docks.  We will have a fleet of 4 boats which you can check out in our "boats" section of...


Matt Tilford
(772) 882-8353

(772) 302-0820
100 Avenue A
Suite 2C
Ft. Pierce, FL 34950


Ft. Pierce City Marina

Ft. Pierce City Marina

Fr. Pierce City Marina is located on Florida’s Treasure Coast where you, not only find some of the best fishing and boating experiences, but you can also enjoy a wealth of history and fun within walking distance of the Marina. 

The Marina is in close proximity to what has been known as “the best all weather inlet on the east coast” and it is protected by a new Storm Protection System.  It has been host to many fishing tournaments and offers a choice of 2 on-site restaurants right on site for your convenience. 

You can disembark and explore the downtown area on foot grabbing some freshly grown fruits and vegetable as well as many other hand made specialties at the largest Farmer’s Market.  You will also come across the Sunrise Theatre, fishing on the jetty, museums, and the park.

Summer time waters are a beautiful blue shade and boating is magnificent whether you are taking an early morning fishing trip as the sun rises or watching the dolphins swim along your boat as you cruise up or down the river. 

We are thrilled to be Freedom Boat Club of Ft. Pierce and hope you will join us as well!


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