Tacoma, WA

(Tacoma, WA)

1. Tacoma Family

Family describes their experience, making memories on the water with Freedom Boat Club.

2. Olympia: Alan and Lousia

Alan and Louisa describe their excitement about the new Olympia club and their experience and memories with Freedom Boat Club!  

3. Bremerton: George and Pat

Bremerton members describe how they enjoy the hassle-free boating experience and the beautiful scenery of the Puget Sound.


"My family and I are so happy we joined FBC this year. The crew at FBC is absolutely amazing and they take great care of our boating needs."​

Guy A.

"We love our membership.  It is the best way to "own" a boat and enjoy our beautiful Puget Sound. The staff is always friendly and they want you to have a great time on the water." 


Kimarie J.

"I have owned boats twice in my adult life. The two happiest days for each of those boats were the day I bought the boat and day I sold the boat!
Being on the water is the happiest place on earth for me. It would make sense I would want a boat.
 But, there is so much responsibility involved. Both financially and through hard work. I often thought maybe I could get a few friends together and we could all go in together on a boat. Again, a lot of work. And who do I know that would take as good of care of said boat? 
When I saw an advertisement for Freedom Boat Club I was curious to find out more information. I scheduled a free boat ride to look at the boats and discuss the details. Never was there a pitch or hard sell. I mean the Puget Sound sells itself.  The amount for membership can be cheaper than buying a boat. You get all of the fun with ownership, and no responsibilities. The folks that own and work for Freedom boat Club know what they are doing and are a complete pleasure to work with.
I only wish I would have done this sooner!  Looking forward to making many memories boating here in the Puget Sound and other clubs when I go on vacation!"

Ryan M.

I have just completed my first year as a Freedom Boat Club member and I cannot imagine any other way to get out on the water.  I have been boating with family and friends for years and I have to say that nothing is better than making a reservation and walking out on to your boat.  I was able to book with another location down in San Diego and I am looking forward to booking at some other locations in other states in the near future and that is probably the coolest thing to do when visiting places I have never been.
Freedom for Life!"

Stephen M.

"I am a very happy member of the Freedom Boat Club, Tacoma franchise.  My son is a Coast Guard Veteran and he became aware of the Freedom Boat Club thru advertising.  He liked what he saw and he asked if I would be interested in joining him in a membership.  We decided to make it a three person membership and we asked a close family friend to join us.  We have all discussed the idea of going in on a purchase of a boat that we could share.  We never made the purchase due to the cost of a good boat and then the cost of moorage and maintenance.  We sat down with the owner of the Tacoma Freedom Boat Club franchise and learned about the program.  It was an easy decision.  We get the use of at least 8 different boats in the Foss Marina and also several more boats at the Bremerton Marina.  We pay an initial fee that we split three ways and we each pay dues each month.  The use of one of the boats for three hours covers the cost of the dues if you were to rent a boat of equal quality from a marina somewhere.  Each one of our outings has so far been at least three hours. 
We have gone out many times now with family and friends and we just pay for the cost of our gas for each outing.  The scenery is beautiful, the time on the water is relaxing and someday we may even catch a salmon. 
Another huge benefit over ownership is the fact that you can reserve boats at any other Freedom Boat club location as long as one is available.  I have been able to do that twice now, once in Texas on Lewisville Lake and once in Vancouver Cananda.  We just paid for the fuel. 
I heartily recommend the Freedom Boat Club to anyone who wants to spend time on the water and does not want to take on the cost and worry of owning your own boat".

Steve H.

"After checking out the competing boat clubs, I made the decision to go with Tracy and Shawn in the Bremerton /Tacoma/upcoming Olympia locations. I live in Gig Harbor, but do business in California, so I will be taking advantage of their San Diego and San Francisco  outlets also. Great family owned franchise that provides great boats and even better service. Couldn’t be more pleased. Awesome owners and staff. Five Star recommendation all the way!"

Steve S.

"The Freedom boat club is the real deal.  Debby and I have never been disappointed since I signed up last summer.  For well less than half the price of buying and maintaining a boat, I have 12 boats available (6 in Tacoma and 6 in Bremerton), each tailored for a specific set of activities.  Want to go fishing? Take out an aluminum fishing boat.  Water skiing - a bow rider.  Cloudy weather - a pilot boat or cuddy cabin.  Entertaining family - a bow rider or pontoon boat.  We also have used the reciprocal exchange, and took a boat out on the Florida Intracoastal waterway to play with dolphins and manatees.  It was one of the coolest things we have ever done on a vacation. Joining Freedom Boat Club was one of the best decisions I have ever made"! 



"Freedom Boating is the ideal club for busy professionals to enjoy boating!​"



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Membership Info
(360) 865-4851

821 Dock Sreet
Tacoma, WA 98402

(253) 414-0155

Dock Master
(253) 455-8141


Foss Harbor Marina

Foss Harbor Marina is a full service Marina located in Tacoma, Washington. The Marina offers year round boat slip rentals, live aboard moorage, boat storage, kayak and Stand up Paddle board (SUP) rentals. They also offer storage lockers and a fuel dock.

Tel : (253)-272-4404

Email : info@fossharbor.com



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