Portsmouth, VA

(Portsmouth, VA)

Bill S.

Terrific reciprocal reservation! Thanks Andy, for a wonderfully smooth day on the water.... These types of days are THE exact reason that I joined the FBC!

Bree W.

We owned a boat for a few year and then life changed. We had two kids and managing boat needs was not at the top of our priorities. With Freedom boat club, we can continue to boat, enjoy a fun place to take our family and friends, and not have to worry about the up keep. This works wonderful for our family!

Brian K.

My wife and I have been members of this club for about a month and we have had a wonderful experience. I have only a small amount of prior experience with boats, but the training and education for this club is first rate. After getting my Coast Guard safety training online, my wife and I spent a day with Andy, one of the owners, who spent several hours demonstrating small boat handling skills and patiently working with us as we developed those skills ourselves. It was basic and manageable; review of rules of the road, handling a small boat in a confined space, basic line handling, docking, and setting anchor...the basics that we would need to enjoy a day out on the water as a family. We put it to the test a couple weeks later when we took a boat out on our own and we had a great time. No difficulties with radio communications, tying up at Waterside to have dinner, dropping anchor to let the kids swim...the essentials of what you need as a new boater. The staff are incredibly warm and approachable and have offered as much training as we would like. I plan to go back for more training on the other platforms as we continue to grow as boaters. Thanks everyone!


The Freedom Boat Club here in Portsmouth has been, and continues to be, the best purchase I’ve made this year! I’m able to take a boat out with my family for an amazing day on the water and when we’ve had our fun, we dock the boat and get to head home-worry free! No upkeep and maintenance hassle. They take care of all the headaches!

Being new to maneuvering a boat on my own, I was skeptical at first. But Nate was an awesome teacher and he was patient with me during my training course. By the end I felt capable and confident.

The location of the boat club is great. Right across from the new Waterside District. I love to dock there after a long day on the water and enjoy a nice dinner with my family. I truly believe the Freedom Boat Club is the only way to go for someone with a busy lifestyle like myself!!!!

David S.

I don't often take time to write a review. But as a member of Freedom Boat Club I actually want to! The experience has been great each and every time we go out on the water! The Staff is hospitable and patient, the boats are all new, the training is unlimited, the availability of the boats is amazing I have not missed a weekend yet!

Jackie L.

Living our best lives all summer long thanks to Freedom Boat Club! Boating couldn’t be any simpler when all you have to do is show up and jump onboard! The owners and staff are super friendly and knowledgeable making every experience a 5 star adventure!

Jacqueline L.

The Freedom Boat Club is a perfect fit for our busy little family! The owners and staff make it so quick and easy to be able to enjoy boating! Nate is always there to point you in the direction you want to go - whether it be cruising to a restaurant, or finding the perfect location for tubing. My kiddos have even begun to refer to Andy as “Uncle Andy”! Looking forward to many boating seasons with the club!

Kim E.

As someone who has not been a boater in her life, the crew took us out for training and made sure we would enjoy our membership and memories we started making. True family activity where we can bring our four legged family too. All the hassles of ownership are gone, leaving the fun parts, showing up and enjoying the water, docking and leaving. No cleaning, no fueling, no taking it out of the water, no slip fees, no insurance fees, no personal property tax or luxury tax.

Michael W.

Amazing experience everytime I'm here! Definitely improves the overall boating experience with more time for memories and less time spent actually maintaining a boat!

Rebekah B.

Beyond excited to be part of this club... we took our family of 7 out on Sunday & had a perfect day on the water! The Hampton roads staff is very kind & helpful. I highly recommend this club to anyone

Tommy L.

I have been a member since January 2019 and it has been great. The staff, Captain Nate especially, has been wonderful. I discussed purchasing a boat but decided to give this a try once I looked at everything they had to offer. I have access to a multiple style of boats, it is ready to go when I want to go, and when finished I dock it and go home. Nothing beats a few fun hours (or all day) on the water with no worries and no fuss.

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Sunny Nierstheimer
(757) 302-8111

10 Crawford Pkwy
Portsmouth, VA 23704



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