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The Freedom Boat Club Edmonds Fact Sheet:

Location: 326 Admiral Way, Edmonds, WA 98020

Don't forget you also have UNLIMITED boating access at our Seattle, Kirkland, Lake Union ACG and Lake Union Nautical Landing locations!!

FleetOur fleet is a large variety of Bowriders, Sport Cuddys, Fishing Boats, Pontoon Boats, Surf Boats and Cruiser Class!

About the Port of Edmonds: The Port of Edmonds boat marina was created in 1962. It provides the only public boating access in the highly populated 30-mile stretch between Seattle’s Shilshole Bay and the Port of Everett. It is the Mission of the Port of Edmonds to: Operate the Port of Edmonds in a fiscally sound, environmentally responsible manner; ensure quality service to our customers and provide a vibrant, attractive environment for the Edmonds-Woodway community. Freedom Boat Club is very excited to be able to have another location in a well maintained, friendly and easily accessable marina. 

Membership Information: Keith Lemley keithl@freedomboatclub.com cell: (206)707-2367

Port of Edmonds Dock Phone: (206) 503-4157

Office Phone: (206)552-4186


We're pumped you made it this far and look forward to helping you get out on the water for the ultimate boating lifestyle. 

Freedom Boat Club is the Best In Class, no hassle, money saving boating lifestyle made simple!

We invented the boat club concept over 30 years ago and now we're bringing it to you here in Seattle at Elliott Bay Marina, Kirkland at Yarrow Bay Marina and Edmonds at the Port of Edmonds.

As a Freedom Boat Club Member, you'll have access to our 175+ reciprocal clubs all around the nation including Canada and Europe. 

Never driven a boat before? No problem! We provide UNLIMITED FREE Training with our USCG certified Captains

Our members enjoy a truly no-maintanence boating experience. Never again worry about cleaning, moorage, repairs, or down-time. We do it all for you so you can focus on enjoying life on the water with the people you love. 

Our members are insured for over a million dollars. 

We're open 7 days a week and have a state of the art reservation system. This puts the convience of reserving a boat right in your hands through an app for IOS and Andrioid. Pick your day, marina and boat, then let us get it ready for you and offer best in class service when you show up for your adventures on the water. 

Were also a Social Club because who doesn't want more friends right? We host dock parties and fishing seminars that will get you plugged in with other like minded boaters and fisherman. Our members have really grown to love the dock parties and you will too. 

Check out the boats tab to see our fleet and give us a call or come down to the marina to get all of your questions answered. We look forward to helping you build and create unbelievable memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it be epic fishing, unmatched cruising, or remote dock and dining experiences, Freedom Boat Club will get you there with unmatched service in a premium fleet. What does that mean for you? It means you will have the time of your life and experience the best that the Pacific Northwest lifestyle has to offer.

Stop looking out at all the beautiful water here in Seattle and just get yourself out there. Life is ALWAYS better on the water. You wont regret it.

We'll see you at the docks!





March 2020

Ben L.

Love the service, the brand new boats and the best experience to get out on the water with ease! Best investment we've ever made!



February 2020

Ron M. 

"We've been in the Club since October 2019. So far it's been fantastic. Show up, jump on board, head out, have a great time, come back, and hand over the keys. The dock guys are super helpful and alwasy have the boats ready to go. So much more cost-effective and hassle-free than owning a boat. I have friends with boats, and they don't actually use them, because of all the hassle and cost. FBC removes literally every single hassle, and every single cost except fuel. It pencils all day. It is a no-brainer."



September 2019

Catherine Hart

"We came so close to buying a boat! But what we needed and wanted just wasn't justifiable on paper. We saw the open house sign for the Edmonds Freedom Boat Club in May and after talking with Nick knew that being a member would fit our needs perfectly. We have had an incredibly good experience using the boats available at the various marinas, and our kidults and grand babies are asking us when the next outing will be...the concept is so simple for the member - reserve the boat for time and day, meet the dockmaster at the marina where they will make sure all is in place, go play on the water and experience new places, return to the slip where the dockmaster is waiting to help moor, and only after paying for gas used (at dock rate!) you walk away smiling, anxious to book again. It is honestly one of the the best ways to experience this beautiful place in which we live."



September 2019

Jeremy Bartels

"It is literally too good to be true. Everyone is friendly and accomodating. It is like borrowing a nice boat from a friend who then shows up to immediately clean the boat and help you park it."



July 2019

Jeff Stodola

"Amazing! We've been members for 1 1/2 years, and it's been the best investment in fun we've ever made. We love the awesome boats, the great service, awesome staff, and the hassle-fee way to enjoy boating without all of the hassles (or extra expences) of boat ownership. I love being able to go crabbing on day, lounge with friends on the pontoon boat the next, then wake board the next, all at an affordable price. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Freedom Boat Club to everyone who enjoys having fun on the water."



July 2019

Ben Mahoney

"Great locations and great staff.  All of the Seattle locations are run well by knowledgeable and helpful staff."



June 2019

Melissa S.

"My husband showed a recent interset in boating and FBC saved the day. Rather than dealing with boat ownership, all the hassles that come with it and what could have been a lot of stress in our relationship, we are happy members of FBC instead.

We also have access to a fleet of boats (vs. just one) depending on what kind of activitlies we want to do with our family and friends. We're enjoying getting off the congested roads of Seattle and exploring our beautilful city and waters with our kids. We feel like we have a whole new world to discover right in our own backyard and are excited for many new adventures ahead!"



June 2019

Melanie Saedi

"We are so thrilled to become members last week. We have already been boating 4 times in Edmonds and look forward to experiencing the Seattle and Kirkland locations this week. We went from 0 boating excursions to almost daily at this point! Living the boating life now ☺️"



June 2019

Tom Bonds

"We joined Freedom Boat Club a few months ago and we are so glad we did! The entire experience has been incredible, from the staff at FBC to the boat training of the Captains, and the variety and availablity of the boats, across three different marinas. If you are considering FBC, I highly recommend. Thank you FBC Kirkland/Seattle/Edmonds for making our experience so enjoyable."



January 2019

Mike and Michele Palm

"We joined the Freedom Boat Club in the fall of 2018. We have been enjoying it even in the winter! They are so helpful to us and we absolutely love boating without all the boating hassles :). Taking friends and family out in the water and showing them a different side of Seattle is awesome!"



August 2018

Carl Sweetland

"Boating at a third of the price!  Nick has established a great NW franchise of Freedom Boat Club with two great locations:  Elliott Bay Marina and Yarrow Bay.  Whether you want to cruise the Puget Sound or surf Lake Washington, they have a boat for you.  We joined a year ago and have not had any buyer's remorse.  The extra bonus was this year, Nick offered a boating camp for kids between 12 to 14...our son had the best time, got his boater's license and caught several fish in Lake Washington.  Thanks Freedom Team!" The Sweetlands



July 2018

Shawn Wallen

"After 10 years of boat ownership, maintenance, insurance, registration, and repair costs I sold it!
Earlier this year my friend and I discovered FBC Seattle and immediately fell in love with the concept. The reservation system is very easy. You can get last minute reservations or waitlist a day if you need to. We have been out almost weekly since joining with no trouble finding available boats.
Nick is a great owner and very active with his members.
You really do own the water not the boat!"



June 2018

Lisa Beneson

"We joined the Freedom Boat Club a few months ago and have already had so much fun with our 4 kids. We have owned a boat in the past and this is SO much easier (especially with little kids). The boats have been great, and we appreciate that they have large ones that can seat a big family (and so that we can have friends join us). The staff is amazing … so helpful and kind. We are looking forward to a fun summer on the water with our family and friends!"



April 2018

Justin Marx

"I've been in other boat clubs and I've owned boats. No doubt that Freedom Boat Club is the best way to get on the water in Seattle and Kirkland easily and affordably.  It's awesome to go play on the water for an afternoon and just come back and turn in the keys.  Nick and the staff are extremely accommodating.  The boats are in immaculate shape.  I couldn't recommend FBC any higher.  Don't hesitate.  Go for it.  You know you want to.  And you won't regret it."



April 2018

Lori Wilbur

"Freedom Boat Club is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Puget Sound and Lake Washington.  Our family loves being on the water, and the hassel-free aspect of FBC Seattle is spot on.  The staff is amazing, the boats are gorgeous, and the whole experience is great.  Can't recommend it enough!"



April 2018

Darrell Hart

"We joined the Freedom Boat Club at the end of summer 2017.  We have been very happy and It has surpassed our expectations in every way.  The boats are great, the staff are awesome and the reservation system is fair.  

When you return the boat you just pay for the fuel you have used and then literally walk away.  The crew cleans and refuels the boat. Quick. Easy. Hassle free.  My friend has a boat and we spend an hour messing around after pulling it out of the water or even after just docking it.

I kept wondering if there would be a catch but there really isn't. It truly is hassle free boating."



April 2018

Sue Meza

"Just finished up our 4th trip out with Freedom Boat Club. I can't say enough about this awesome club. Having owned a boat for over ten years, what a difference Freedom is! All the fun without any of the worry! They always have our boat ready and waiting, clean and gassed up. We load up and travel to wherever our hearts take us for the day. Once we're ready to come back, the Dockmaster meets us at the slip, we pay for the gas we used and off we go!

Previously, we always boated in the summer and in Lake Washington but now with Freedom, we can boat almost all year long and have so many more options available to us. On the Puget Sound and on Lake Washington. I love that all the boats have a full bimini cover so that we can stay nice and dry during the non summer months. These last few trips we've jaunted over to Bainbridge or Poulsbo for the day, have lunch, walk around and relax in the small town atmosphere. Really looking forward to crabbing season on one of Freedom's fishing boats. Hubby will no longer have to manually pull up 150/200 feet of line as Freedom has pot pullers!

So wish Freedom was around 10 years ago as I would have joined in a heartbeat given how expensive it was for maintaining, repairing, and mooring our boat. Thanks Nick and Freedom Boat Club for making boating fun and stress free!"



March 2018


Nick the owner is a fantastic guy who’s passion for boating is contagious. Great boats, great staff and amazing value.”



March 2018

Gregor Kneitz

Love the Freedom Boat Club. Great system, boats are always in great condition, wonderful location close to many Puget Sound and Lake Washington destinations and awesome people!



February 2018

Byron Williams

“All the amazing benefits of enjoying boating without any of the hassels!”



February 2018

Dan Anderosn

“No chores, no lines at a boat ramp and dock hands to help with launch and recovery.”



October 2017

Michael Liljenquist

“Great experience so far. Great boats, reasonable membership costs, and we get to go boating. Staff is great too.”



September 2017

Anthony Ramos

I'm not quite sure how I got on Nick's email list but I'm glad I did! I'd often receive emails about their open house but never had the time to go.  One day I was in the area, checked my email and low and behold there was an open house that day.  Went there, captain Doug gave me a ride and I signed up that day!  I don't know why anyone would want to buy their own boat with a club like this! 
-No maintenance
-No cleaning
-No towing
-No storing
-No hassles 
You literally walk up to the dock, go through a quick check-in process, have an amazing time out on the water and hand your keys to one of the extremely friendly staff at FBC who's there waiting for you to help you dock and unload your stuff!
The one thing I was worried about was availability, but for every 8 people that join they buy a new boat! That keeps the availability really great! 
I also enjoy having access to various types of boats unlike owning just one.  I've been on all of them now and they all bring a different experience when you go out.  Not to mention you also get to reserve boats all over the country! I'll be in FL next week and already have some reserved at a few different locations!  
If you're on the fence about joining, don't be.  You won't regret it! My only regret is not joining sooner!”



July 2017

Tim Hutchinson

I joined and I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. It has been fabulous. I've owned boats my whole life, and not having to deal with ANY of the legions of things that can come up is like being a teenager again. The staff is so supportive and fun to be around you'll always feel welcomed despite your salt water encrusted blown-out hair. Boat sharing is the best!”



July 2017

Melody Hutchinson

Freedom Boat Club is a game changer. My husband and I were thinking about buying a boat but after outlining the costs and time needed for boat ownership, we decided to check out the club instead and were sold in minutes. Everyone who works here is extremely friendly and helpful; they go above and beyond to make sure each boat outing is a safe and fun one. Not having to worry about the maintenance of a vessel makes each adventure that much more enjoyable. Joining was seriously one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks Nick and team, you guys are incredible.”



July 2017

John Blackard

Awesome club, super friendly staff, very convenient!”



June 2017

Roberto Hernandez

Best investment and with the best people. Owner Nick and dock master Colin always make us feel like true VIP. If you want to learn to boat like I did do it with freedom first. Even training is included.”



June 2017

Scott Parr

“We joined Freedom Boat Club in May and were fairly new to the boating world.  Nick and the staff are amazingly friendly and helpful.  There are no hidden fees and the contract is clear and simple to understand.  The customer service is second to none!  We had our initial training with Captain Doug, which was very informative and ever since have not looked back.  Every time we go out we try to explore another marina and/or town...so far we have been to Bremerton, Paulsbo, and Port Ludlow (our longest outing yet).  Can't wait to see where we go next! And now we get to explore on Lake Washington too!  The boats are all new, very clean/maintained, and each has something different to offer from a boating experience. Rumor has it that new boats are on the way...CAN'T WAIT!  We always see plenty of wildlife every time we go out on the Sound from dolphins, seals, sea lions, birds, jellyfish, and all kinds of fish jumping out of the water.  We absolutely love it and couldn't be happier to have joined the club!  Until next time...Captain Scott!”



June 2017

Russell Worman

Great fun and the team is awesome! Been fun so far and much better than having to maintain your own boat!”



June 2017

Patrick Bryan

Joined FBC in April and LOVE it! Fleet is brand new, dock masters Colin and Patrick are awesome and always going the extra mile for the members and Nick was easy to work with and seems like a very capable owner! Look forward to the fleet expanding and Nick expanding all over the PNW! Definitely worth it!”



May 2017

Lauren B

“We are total boating newbies but nevertheless were made to feel completely welcome here. Visiting the office was a totally no-pressure experience. Nick the owner is friendly and knowledgeable. For beginners like us, it is reassuring to be able to get our feet wet (so to speak) with unlimited boating lessons and support, minus the commitment of actually owning a boat.”



May 2017

Mana Shahogoli

Everything about freedom boat club has absolutely exceeded my expectations! From the professional and friendly staff, to the fleet of brand new boats, Freedom Boat Club makes me feel like an elite member. Captain Doug's hands on training has been incredible and he is always eager to teach me more. I'm a proud member and can't wait to keep growing as a boater!”



May 2017

Karin Veassen

“We joined FBC a couple of months ago and are so glad we did! After going to see a couple of other clubs we met with Nick at FBC and knew right away it was the right fit. Nick is supper passionate about boating and creating an amazing experience for his members and also an all around great guy. The membership comes with training and we learned so much. Captain Doug is an awesome teacher! Colin and Michael are so helpful on the dock and make the check in/out seamless and stress free. The experience is one of a kind. You don’t have to deal with maintenance, cleaning and slip fees! We have gone out several times so far and it’s been so fun! We have a lot more to explore and can’t wait for the summer to arrive so we can be out on the water every chance we get.”



May 2017

Drew C.

“We are long time members of Freedom Boat Club and were delighted to take advantage of our club membership during our visit to Seattle. Although this is a new location for FBC, we were very impressed by the prompt service we got from Membership Executive Nick Hooge and his dock assistant, Collin.  Both of them were very professional, friendly and helpful. Moreover, the cuddy cabin boat we were assigned was brand new and perfect for our trip across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island.  We could not recommend a boat club and this location more highly!”



May 2017

Deb Borchelt

We have had three excursions with what I will call "our boat" from the Freedom Boat Club. This time we took a trip to Poulsbo. This was just an AMAZING day! Took our time getting there, trolling with a couple of fishing poles off the stern. Didn't catch anything, but never mind that! This was more about the journey than fishing today. There is nothing like being on a boat in the Puget Sound and discovering new places! We have had success fishing on the pilot house, "our boat", and our first outing was about 3 weeks ago for a trip to Blake Island for a hike. Having been a boat owner for 10 years we will never go back. Boating without any hassles but experiencing all the positives!  Seriously, if you add up all the expenses of owning a boat ... depreciation, insurance, mooring, repairs and maintenance ... this was a total no brainer! Thank you Freedom Boat Club!”

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Keith Lemley
(206) 707-2367

326 Admiral Way
Edmonds, WA 98020

(206) 503-4157

(206) 552-4186


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