(Detroit, MI)

Bill Chalmers - Macomb

It is EXACTLY as advertised and even better! The boats are great and the dock crew extremely knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and professional. As a huge fan of communication, the quick and comprehensive responses are an added bonus. And the online reservation system is a breeze!

David Reed - Chesterfield

We made a great decision. Prior to joining the club, we had a vacation trip to Florida already booked in early April. We reached out to Steven Dobreff to see if there was an opportunity to access another Freedom Boat Club location while we were down there. After a few email exchanges from Steven with the Tampa location, we enjoyed two days of our vacation on our own pontoon and deck boat. Steven also personally met us in Tampa to provide some training before our weekend adventure began. 

Denene Ango - Rochester

Best decision we ever made, makes boating very enjoyable! Being an inexperienced boater this takes all the hassle out of boating. I’m very pleased with being a member. The owners are very active and friendly, always willing to help and go the extra mile. Boats are always clean and ready, deckhand is always friendly. The staff is very accommodating towards all ages of your party. The app is very user friendly. I love that we can use a boat anywhere in the US. Very pleased on our decision to join.

Elyse Van Houzen - Franklin

5 Star customer service! I feel like a celebrity when they greet us at the dock.

Harry Awdey - Birmingham

I was a bit skeptical at first. However when you look at the costs of boat ownership and the limited boating season on Lake St. Clair, it becomes an easy decision to join FBC. Boat availability has been excellent. One of our favorite things to do is take an evening cruise after work. This isn't possible for boat owners. With trailering, refueling and cleaning we wouldn't be able to enjoy a few carefree hours on the lake with our dog.

The best part of joining has been getting to know the owners. They are always ready to lend a hand or make our boating experience enjoyable. The training got us comfortable on the water and its nice having his advice as I work on my docking technique. As an FBC member, I also get access to Towboat US and unlimited training which is reassuring. In summary, just join! My only regret is not doing it sooner.

Jeff and Stacey Hirn - Members for over 15 Years - Tampa, FL

Freedom Boat Club is AWESOME!!!! We have been members for over 15 years out of Tampa, FL. A HUGE shout out to Captain Steve of Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair for making our vacation EXTRA AMAZING!!!

This summer our family took a trip of a lifetime and went on an Alaskan cruise-the cruise ended in Vancouver where we spent three additional days. When planning our trip, Steve Dobreff let me know that Freedom Boat Club had just opened a franchise in Vancouver! I placed a reciprocal request later that day and had a boat reserved within two hours of my request!! It was amazing to be able to secure a boat, on a weekend, 3,200 miles from our home Freedom Boat Club location, within two hours!!!

Later I called Jamie and Sandy Purdon, the new owners of the FBC in Vancouver, and had some great discussions with them about what we should expect. After our call, Sandy suggested a different type of boat for my family based on what we planned to do while boating. Once arriving at the FBC in Vancouver, meeting Sandy and Jamie was like meeting old friends. (I had called them a few more times prior to our trip and each time they were helpful and informative- we could hardly wait for our Vancouver Boating Excursion. Sandy was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in our experience sharing with us local sites, where to have lunch and what wildlife we may see.

Thanks Freedom Boat Club for being a big part of our Family vacation of a lifetime-it was a spectacular boating experience!

Jeff Carrick - FL

I joined this club in Florida. The best way to describe it is like a boat share. No headaches, no maintenance, no storage, no repairs. Thus, just the convenience of having a boat to enjoy the waters!! Freedom Boat Club has over 100 locations in the U.S.. This would be a great investment for someone that loves the water!!

Jeff Krinsky - Detroit

In life whenever I experience great (not good) service I am one to voice it from the mountain top. I want to take a moment and recognize Robin and Rick Dobreff along with their staff for an all around amazing operation. I had the opportunity to check out another one of the clubs and take advantage of the reciprocal system put in place. We had an amazing time on the water! Not to downplay that club what so ever, however it gave me an opportunity to reflect on how great each member and future member has it at the FBC of Lake St. Clair. The word that comes to mind is "PRIDE" There is a sense of pride in how the Dobreff's operate their club. Everything from having the boats in TIP TOP shape from the moment we arrive (that include EVERYTHING working on the boat. Every gauge, reader, gadget, etc...THAT STUFF MATTERS!) , very clean, having ice in a cooler on the boat, the boat gassed up and ready to go, a not breezed over safety check (safety is their #1 priory) as well as experts to tell you where to catch (or at least attempt to catch) fish that day. We set off safely with friendly smiles from everyone on the dock. Upon return they are there to greet you and help you back into the dock. No matter the parking job, still a smile on their faces. They help you with all of your "stuff" and then handed a credit card for gas and off you go. I am privileged that I found such a hospitable boat club that I get to be a part of for years to come. Thank you FBC of Lake St. Clair

John E Sullivan - Royal Oak - Member # 1

I joined at the 2016 Detroit Boat Show. Freedom Boat Club has surpassed my expectations. Freedom's crew does a great job in providing excellent choice of boats combined with superior service. As a lifelong boater, I am thrilled to be out of the hassle of ownership. I highly recommend Freedom Boat Club on Lake St Clair. You will not be disappointed!

Kris Keary - Rochester Hills

We are one of the first members at this location, and we have had a fantastic time… Like most, we were skeptical at first about how much we would be able to go, “rules”, how much it would really cost, how easy it would be to use boats at other locations, etc. However, after our training session and first time out alone, we knew we had made a great decision. This is truly a family run business, and it shows in every aspect. They take the time to help you get out of the dock and help you dock on the return. They genuinely care about your experience each time on the water. You don’t even have to pump gas! The boat has fuel on your arrival and you just pay for what you use… It really is the most hassle free way to boat. 
Some highlights as members:
-Used a boat almost as much as we wanted. We had no trouble with availability. 
-We used boats in other locations - Northern Michigan and Tennessee. While not quite as simple as booking on the online calendar (like a home reservation), it only took a couple emails to get the reservations. Steven was a big help in getting what we needed. It is fantastic to walk into a marina on vacation and just get on a boat and go out – all included in the membership. 
-We spent lots of time on anchor in numerous spots on Lake St. Clair – took many friends out and kids had a blast. 
-We took a boat down into the Detroit River and went under the Ambassador Bridge. Lots of exploring.
-Cost – the costs are clearly laid out on the contract and is a set price. There were no unexpected fees. You only pay for the fuel you use at the end of each trip. For having access to a fleet of boats which grows every year, no hassles, no cleaning, etc it is well worth it. And on top of that – being able to use the boats in any other location for free. 
-All of the boats are new or now 1 year old, well maintained, and 22-26+ ft long with many options. 
We are really looking forward to another great season. Keep up the great work Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair!

Larry Slabosz - Harrison Township

Really enjoying the club! Loving the "hassle free" boating experience. Great location in the center of "Boat Town" and Lake St. Clair and now a Detroit location at Sindbads. Nice selection and variety of boats. The entire staff is such a pleasure--very professional, helpful, friendly and accommodating. Can't wait to use the boats at the other clubs throughout the country. We highly recommend this club and boating concept.


Leah Brewer and Kevin Penner - Farmington

Great idea...we are IN! Can't wait for another boating season to begin.

Mark and Lisa Kraus - Bloomfield Hills

It's been a blast! Best venture I've ever done. My wife and I were thinking about buying a boat or joining Freedom Boat Club and after weighing out the "pros" and "cons" there wasn't even a doubt that Freedom Boat Club was the right choice.

We have been members since April 2016 and have had the greatest time exploring Lake St Clair, Lake Huron, Detroit River and every where in between. It's been an awesome adventure for my wife, friends and family. What's really neat is we have spent a third of what it would have cost us to buy a boat and there is zero maintenance cost no dock fees and zero storage charges AND NO WORK!

To top it off it's a family run business and the Dobreff family couldn't be more accommodating. They are very informative and have a keen interest in making sure everyone is happy and safe. I am beginning to feel a part of their family. We love them and you will too. Love to see more members and willing to talk with anyone interested in the program. It's a ton of fun and for the cost you can't pass it up.

Btw, the boats are all brand new and kept immaculate. All you need to do is show up have fun and let the dockmaster handle all the details. Like loading your provisions, (he'll even get you the provisions) and when you come back just hand him the keys and he will clean the boat and help you back to your car!

If this sounds to good to be true... It isn't. Love love love Freedom Boat Club. 
Mark and Lisa Kraus 

Mike McMullin - Jacksonville, FL

What a great location. I'm a member from jacksonville, Florida. I called And Spoke with one of the owners, Steven. Even though, he has an operation that is just starting to pick up steam. He set us up on two different boats. The first day on a Bow Rider and a tri-toon the second day. I had a family reunion and I saved the day because of Lake St. Claire Freedom Boat Club.

What is there to decide? You do not have to clean, upkeep or store a boat. Plus, I now know I can travel the country and boat in some of the most prestine waters. This club has saved my family. The kids hang with the old man on Suturday and Sundays. Priceless folks!

If you love boating, this is the way to do it. Thanks Steven!!!!!


Millie Behem

They are awesome and helpful.

Robert Gaglio - Naples, FL

I've been a FBC member for over 7 years in Florida and now when I visit my family and friends back in Michigan. I get to take a beautiful boat out on Lake St. Clair, thanks to the wonderful people at Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair. The staff is super nice and the boats are of great quality. See you on the water this summer.

Steve Addy - Fraser

As a former boat owner, I can tell you that joining Freedom Boat Club is one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

Susanne Snow Babcock

This is the perfect fit for our family!!! Was nervous about how this would all play out. It has far exceeded all our expectations!!! Love being able to get a boat , not have to gas it up , not have to clean it and people help you load and unload!!!! It’s a beautiful thing!!!

Wendy and Jason Hollingsworth - Roseville

We are new members and looking forward to a great boating season! So far, impressed with everything offered! We were even able to do my husbands boat training in Tampa while waiting to leave on our Caribbean cruise...perfect timing!

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Membership Executive Michael E. Dobreff
(586) 422-1080

100 St. Clair St.
Detroit, MI 48214

Dock Phone
(586) 741-3257

Owner Steve Dobreff
(586) 873-7791


Sindbad's Restaurant and Marina

Sindbad’s is celebrating 69 years of providing Detroit with a one of a kind boating and dining experiences.  Whether you’re looking for a relaxing environment for a couple drinks, planning a night out with friends, getting the family out of the house, or stopping by for a view of the Detroit River, Sindbad’s is the perfect spot. Go for a one of a kind amazing boat ride with Freedom Boat Club around the Detroit River, enjoy a great meal and hop on Sindbad's shuttle to a Red Wings, Pistons, Lions or Tigers Game downtown.  

Sindbad’s entire staff is committed to providing guests with great prices on great food.  If you haven’t been by in a while come in and ask Chef Gazmen to make you something special. Don’t forget about Sindbad's hearty Sunday Brunch and delicious home made Clam Chowder and Soups made by sous chef Paul Jones. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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