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Think Outside the Cubicle! The Ocean: Your New Office

Mixing business and pleasure? It can be done.  At Freedom Boat Club of Portsmouth NH and Newburyport MA, we want you to stop pouring over the ‘Used Boats for Sale’ sections of craigslist, and boat the hassle-free way. Once you’ve added a little joy to your life, it’s time to spread it to your workplace! Doing business on a boat? Sign us up!

Reasons why you should move your meetings to the water:

1. Its Impressive!
If you’re trying to seal the deal with a potential client, a little power move might be all it takes. Have them for a meeting unlike one they’ve ever been on before. Show off your creativity, originality, and perhaps even your savvy boating skills. They’ll be impressed that you were resourceful enough to join such a practical boat club (Leave out the part where you spent months looking for boats for sale in NH and skip right to the good stuff).

2. Bonding
Whether you’re on the water with members of your own team, or potential partners/clients, a little forced communication and bonding can be good. Out on the ocean, there’s nowhere to run away to. Topics can be approached naturally, while spontaneous situations (think, sudden whale spotting!) can provide great bonding scenarios.  And when the conversation turns to anyone voicing their frustrations with NH boat dealers or the lack of boats for sale in Portsmouth, you’ll have the solution floating right under you!  They will appreciate you showing them how awesome boating can be with Freedom Boat Club .

3. Team building
Taking your team out on the water to overcome some challenges, as well as have some fun, could be exactly what you need to develop a sense of comradery in your office. While nobody enjoys navigating back to shore at full speed during a sudden downpour, your team will become closer for it.

4. Change of Scenery
Getting out of the cubicle and onto the water is the perfect remedy for a strained brain. You never know, that ocean breeze might just blow some great new ideas through your mind.

Many great companies have taken their clients and teams out on boat tours for a little bonding and schmoozing, maybe it’s time you start!

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