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The Essentials

What better way to spend time with your family and friends on a perfect summer day, than out on the water? Whether you acquired your boat after countless hours searching for NH boat dealers, or you’re part of our hassle free boat club in Portsmouth NH, we want you to have the best boating experience ever! Bringing along the essential provisions will help you avoid any minor catastrophes and add even more fun to your day.

The sun and the heat can bring out an appetite in anybody, so be sure to bring some easily portable snacks for the boat. Things in sturdy containers, like Pringles instead of bags of chips, will hold up better in all the commotion. Single serving portions of snacks and foods that aren’t super messy will be easiest. Try small bags of pretzels, fruit like apples, and cheese sticks.

With food, you’ll of course want some beverages! Swimming around in the hot sun can be very dehydrating, so be sure to pack plenty of waters and sports drinks. Most NH boat rentals will include a built in cooler compartment. Alcoholic beverages can also be dehydrating, so all crew members (especially the captain) should be particularly careful.

Sunscreen! Sunscreen as well as good lip balm can prevent some major catastrophes. No one wants to go home only to realize they got a terrible burn. Bring enough sun screen along for everyone to reapply several times.

Things like bug spray, sunglasses, extra towels and changes of clothes can make a world of difference. Whether your boat is an NH boat rental, or you’ve owned it for years, you’ll want to keep it in tip top shape. Bring moist towelettes along to clean up messes from food and drink. Out on the water, the weather can change at any time. Be prepared by bringing the proper provisions!

The number one thing to make your family time simple and easy? Use Freedom Boat Club. Don’t go through the hassle of finding used boats for sale in NH or NH boat rentals, and then lugging them back and forth. Keep family time fun.

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