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The Struggles of Buying Used Boats

When you’re looking for used boats for sale in NH, Massachusetts, or any of New England, it is important to keep your guard up and ask all of the little questions. We all have our reservations about buying things “used” and ending up with someone else’s problems. Here are some ways to avoid investing in a lemon.

1. Don’t. If you are searching for used boats for sale in Portsmouth or anywhere along the seacoast, why not use your hard earned money in a more practical way? Newburyport boat rentals have been booming in recent years due to more and more boaters opting for simpler experiences. Freedom Boat Club Newburyport and Portsmouth offer affordable memberships and a full fleet of boats to access, without all the hassles of being a boat owner.

2. If you’re set on purchasing a used boat, the price is obviously an important point. Match the model and specs to other boats online as a point of price comparison to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off.

3. The outer appearance is important, but not as important as what’s under the hood. Make sure you check the hull for scrapes, cracks, and repair jobs. If the exterior appears well maintained, you can usually assume the previous boat owner took pretty good care of it. Never the less, it is important to inspect the engine and internal elements.

4. NH boat dealers will encourage you to go for a ride, if possible! Just like you would test drive a car, the only way to learn how well an engine runs is to take it for a spin. Luckily, boats for sale in Portsmouth are close to the water and can easily be test driven, however not everyone is so lucky.

Even after inspecting and test driving a used boat, you can’t be so sure that it doesn’t have hidden problems that will appear in a month or two. The easiest way to avoid buying a lemon, is to not buy a boat at all. Check out Freedom Boat Club, where you can feel like a boat owner, without inheriting all the problems that come along with it.


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Sagamore Creek

FBC Portsmouth operates from our own private clubhouse and docks located on Sagamore Creek.  Our clubhouse offers a locker room, a function room, a snack bar, as well as, two bathrooms.  Our docks are just a 10-15 minute run from the open ocean while also offering you direct access to the Piscataqua River via the channel behind New Castle making our docks a convenient starting point for any voyage.


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