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After 25 Years, Freedom Boat Club is Bigger and Better Than Ever

There were many doubters and skeptics when Freedom Boat Club was formed 25 years ago.

     The boating-club concept was a visionary innovation, curious novelty and bold gamble all rolled into one. Was the private-club model financially viable? Would it turn out to be a good value for members? Could it survive long term?

     We have come a long way and learned much since 1989. The bottom line: After 25 years in business, we are stronger than ever. We have grown faster, and have been more profitable, in the past five years than any time in our history.

      We have turned the doubters and skeptics into believers for good reason. Nothing builds trust better than a successful track record. And we have proven that, after 25 years, Freedom Boat Club is not only a great value for people who love to boat but is also beneficial for the marine industry in general.

     For marina operators, boat builders and boat dealers, mechanics and support personnel, Freedom Boat Club is increasing business. We are not only growing boating by getting more people on the water, but we have been a major purchaser of new boats, a major customer for marina operators and all those involved in maintenance, repair and selling gear and accessories.

       One other reason to be proud: Freedom Boat Club is developing a reputation in many communities for being a helpful, caring organization. In recent years, many of our local franchise operators have become involved in a variety of charitable efforts, providing free boat rides, safety clinics, and more.

       After 25 years of operation, we have fostered trust from marine industry and from the local communities where we operate for one reason: We have earned it. We have learned much in the past 25 years and will certainly continue to learn from one another. I am not only enthused and encouraged about the future of Freedom Boat Club but am more optimistic than ever.

      Happy 25th anniversary. The best it yet to come.

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5925 Saylor Street
Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440

(216) 259-8668


Anchors Away Marina

We are excited to announce that we are moving to Anchors Away Marina for the 2020 season!


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