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With Freedom Boat Club, Life Is Fun!

As a member of Freedom Boat Club, you’ll soon learn how much FUN boating can really be!

Show up at the dock. Your dock crew will help you load the gear. Take off for an unforgettable adventure with your family and friends. And when you return at night, turn in the keys. No muss, no fuss. It’s simply boating the way it should be!  

One of the best distinctions of your Freedom Boat Club membership is the opportunity to participate in social events with other members who share your passion for the boating lifestyle!

We’ve selected some candid shots from some our corporate and franchise club events that captures the essence of a Freedom Boat Club membership!

Whether gathering for a dock or dinner party, taking an evening cruise aboard a charter, participating in a boat parade, hooking it up with fishing buddies, or gathering together under the stars for an astronomy class and celestial gazing – or any number of activities – there are plenty of fantastic events for Freedom Boat Club members to enjoy!