Where Can You Use Your Freedom Boat Club Membership? Reciprocal Access Means Everywhere!



We love that question — “reciprocal access” is one of the most popular benefits of being a Freedom Boat Club member!

If you’ve researched Freedom Boat Club, you know that we have 16,000 members nationwide, along with 165+ corporate and franchise-owned clubs in 31 states and Canada. When you invest in a year-round membership program, you not only have unlimited access to the boats in your local club fleet, but you also enjoy the opportunity to boat anywhere a Freedom Boat Club operates!

For example, maybe you join the club in your home port of Naples, FL. You’re planning a vacation to visit friends or family in Boston, or San Diego, maybe Charleston, or Annapolis, or Chicago. Reserve online and book a boat trip in any of those cities you might be visiting!

And while that’s a fun perk, it’s really a big bonus for our SW Florida members. We have 34 corporate and franchise clubs right here in the Sunshine State, including 17 between Bradenton and Marco Island. 450 Boats • 17 Area Locations freedomboatclub.com 877.804.0402

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